Concert at Tobakken: N*Grandjean

Location: Tobakken, Gasværksgade 2, 6700 Esbjerg

Organiser: Tobakken og Studiebyen Esbjerg

There are not many who can capture the secret moments and keep his listeners interested as the Danish singer and songwriter N*Grandjean. He performs his little melancholic gems with a rare sincerity. He is a modern interpreter of the songwriter tradition with a touch of cool Nordic soul.

N*Grandjean has released 2 critically acclaimed albums under his own name. First Carrying Stars from 2008 and Fairly Young from 2011. With these in his luggage he was recently the support act for the singer and pianist Agnes Obel.

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A series of concerts that really got the Danish music fans to get their eyes opened to his rare talent.

Now he is ready to pack the tour bus again, with his well-playing ensemble, who supports his honest songs with a jazzy playfulness.

Event start

23/02 2012 19:30

Registration start

16/02 2012 12:00


22/02 2012 15:00